Since 1955, we have been producing brooms and brushes. İn 2004, with in 3500 m2 area, we started to produce synthetic monofilaments for brush and broom industry under the name of İZPET AŞ. As of today we produce PET, PP, PBT and PVC monofilaments total 10 tons per day.

According to customer requests we could produce Ø 0,10 mm to Ø 3,00 with diffirent lengths up to 120 cm. Crimped, Non-Crimped, Flaggable, Non-Flaggable, features are our standart product ranges. We could also produce hallow, tapared, star, trigon, square shaped monofilaments according to customer needs. we could easly understand what a brush manufacturer needs, because we are doing this since 1955.