Painting & Cleaning Products

İzmir Fırça is one of the world’s largest manufacturer with variation of products at his sector. Since 1955.

We are producing painting brushes, painting rollers, painting tools, painting accessories, cleaning brushes, cleaning mops, cleaning tools, brooms, cleaning equipments, window and floor squeegees, bathroom and kitchen brushes, cleaning sets, painting sets, industrial brushes ( for; tobacco, food, agricultural, husbandry, chemical industry factories )

We are also open to produce special orders and private brands.

We would like to make our company and products known to you.

paint brush brushes painter painting pintar farbe vernice pittura colore boya
paint roller rollers painter painters rullo farbrolle rouleau de peinture
painting tool tools accessories spatulas ıspatula espatula spatel
marine tools brushes brush epoxy roller varnish block paint painting painter
household products product cleaning dishwash washing care house home brush brushes mop set
broom brooms street arena hospital garbage garbageman cleaning clean soft stiff wood wooden plastic scope fırça
mop mops kentucky exel clean cleaning cleaner household floor fregona mopp haushalt
wash brush car trailer track container lorry van oto tiger platin gold
industrial brush products brushes spiral strip konveyor food husbandry farm spiral disc
special products brushes brush shoe body shoes nail care self household table lobby home decoration
squeegee squeegees floor window clean cleaning cleaner home balcony metal stainless plastic camsil
handle handles pole poles telescopic metal aluminium wood wooden italian greek french us